November 25, 2012

.: Friendship :.

A poem for my friends,
Composed from love of the lands,

The brightest in the class, Shasha she is,
A lust of food but can't finish at ease.
What a waste, oh, please...

Syidah, posing like a popstar,
Spinning to the right, to the left like a car,
Spices, are crises, she doesn't go far...

Wee cutesy little "Dik gems" we call her,
Fathiah, Sleeping like a log, anywhere, Oh dear,
Many poses she shows like a little fir..

Zahidah, the creative one,
As soft she is, for one,
Sometimes hard-headed, the next one...

Debatting always,
Marni, she says,
Words, words she throws at us, like light rays...

Clumsy, she can be,
Zatul, merry,
Questions she asks, we can't even see...

A voice of a blue whale,
Syira sets sail,
Don't judge a book by its cover,
A fail...

The twig, Tika,
A voice of a mermaida,
Dreams of getting chubbier, she can??
So la-la...

As cool as a cucumber,
Kak Ida arises from under,
Live by watching dramas, forever..

Tipah, the K-Pop maniac,
When bad mood she is, don't disturb, she'll crack!!

The youngest in the family,
Aqma, how silly...
Wiser about love, Oh my bonnie...

Run away!
Amal is coming this way!!
The most fierce, I say..
Bombs AWAY...

Diyana, the fastest to tie the bond,
Going home on holidays, she goes on...

As crazy as she can be,
Malin can speak non-stop, you see???
For the sake of friendship, 
Friends will only be...

Caliber and strict,
Ila, let's sit..
Looks more matured, not a kid...

Loves her cat Putih,
Aina, Daughter of a dato' , aiseh...
But low in profile, eat some 'sirih'...

A dwarf in the class,
Zana, but she's fast,
The best volleyball player in class...

Knowledgeable as Mai Sarah,
Knows more than we do, where's Kaherah???

Sells herbalife,
Pija, likes to drink cool blog,
a lot,
Boarding her car, why cannot??

Loves feline,
Nurul smiling, so fine...
Always making cake at nine...

The laughter we hear,
Yana from her, 
Oh sir...
Like a bullet train she speaks,
we cannot even hear...

Frowning like a witch,
Khaty is not so, nitch...
Good hearted she is, don't give it a fist...

Likes editing,
Hana, we cannot stop laughing,
Her humour is no stopping...

Miss Zaty pinky,
Likes pink a lot, so funky..
But pious is she...

Likes to make montage,
Tini's so active at it, did she have a fudge??

From 5 years and a half we start,
Sorrows and Happiness, we share like a tart,
Thank you everyone,
We shall never be apart...

25 of us.. Diyana is missing here... hehehe


Hak Cipta