November 22, 2010

.:my sygs:.

top (from left) : kak tini, aina, nabila, yana, kak mai, khaty, tipah
2nd row (from left) : zatul, kak fana, marni, fathiah, tiqa, shasha, diyana
3rd row (from left) : kak ida, syira, zahida, malin, amal, zana, syidah
bottom (from left) : hana, zaty, aqma, pija, anis (me), nurul

It has been 3 years i was with them..
A lot of sweet memories we went through together..
Each of them has a different character. 
They made me feel three years is very short.
Their joke and tease, I will not forget. 
Sometimes we misunderstand. 
Fighting. But eventually we will be together again. 
They're all complete my life.
I hope our friendship has lasted until the end of life...

love them so much!~~~ <3 <3 <3

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